Syrups for Gin

If you love a glass or two of G&T as much as I do you’ll know that getting the flavour right is crucial. Some gin and tonics go together quite nicely whereas other combinations are far from perfect. If you want to make sure your glass of G&T has a lot of

Which gin has the most botanicals?

Over the years we’ve seen gins go from the usual standard of around a dozen botanicals, to some crazy combinations and new gins surfacing every day jam-packed full of so many botanicals the distillers struggle to list them all! But which gin out there has the most botanicals? And, does more equal

Around the World in 80 Gins

Take your taste buds on a trip around the world with my list of gins from around the world. Following the itinerary of Phileas Fogg in ‘Around the World in 80 Days’, the novel by Jules Verne, I have listed the best gins available in each of the stops he made in

Valentine’s Day Gins – aka Pink Gins

Ahh Valentine’s Day, it’s a wonderful day to act smug if you’ve got someone or hate the world if you haven’t. But you know who doesn’t care if you’re happily single or if you’re heading the down the aisle? Gin, gin doesn’t give one hoot! So, this Valentine’s day, get in the

The Best Japanese Gins

Kon’nichiwa! My first Oriental inspired gin I tried was Ophir, I bought myself a bottle from a supermarket as I was currently reading ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ by Arthur Golden, and I like to pair my gins to my books. I’ve since realised that Ophir Gin isn’t really a Japanese gin, its

The Best Bubble Gum Gins

Fancy adding some nostalgic fun into your gin drinking? Try the following Bubble Gum Gins to truly make a POP in your next gin cocktail! Or to simply enjoy with a delicate tonic. Bubblegum Gin has been hitting the shelves and most Gin Specialists shops should now have some options available to

Best Gin Advent Calendar’s for Christmas 2018

Want to make it the best December ever?? Consider treating yourself to a gin advent calendar for Christmas 2018. Each day in December you will get to try a new gin with your favourite tonic. Or, are you in the dog house and need to make amends with your significate other? Get
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