Want to make it the best December ever?? Consider treating yourself to a gin advent calendar for Christmas 2018. Each day in December you will get to try a new gin with your favourite tonic.

Or, are you in the dog house and need to make amends with your significate other? Get them semi drunk every night of December to guarantee a Merry Christmas!!

It was three years ago I got my first Gin Advent Calendar, before then, I assumed it couldn’t get better than chocolate, but I was wrong! I was given it from my fabulous boyfriend with the 101 Gins to try before you die book, allowing me to tick off a lot of the 101 gins in the book in just one month! (Books and Gin, he knows me so well!)

We ended up sharing the gin each night (got to keep an eye on that gin dependency) and noting down on the book pages what we thought, it was something I looked forward to each evening. I feel gin and Christmas just goes together so well.

That was only three years ago and up until then I hadn’t really heard of drink advent calendars, but then last year they seemed to be everywhere! Almost every supermarket I went to had one, and I probably visit Morrisons, Tesco, Asda, Aldi, Sainsburys and Lidl at least once a month each! All the shops were getting on the band wagon and who can blame them, most of these advent calendars start off from £60 each, there is a lot of profit in the market compared to the cheap chocolate ones we usually get. They usually only release their advent calendars in November, so I will update the lists below once they’re released.

So, I thought this year I’d do some research and find the best gin advent calendars I can find, and as I’m a super considerate, kind and sharing person, I think I should share them out with you.

You lucky thing! You don’t need to spend hours researching for yourself now! Luckily, I love doing some research, sadly my spreadsheets on thorough research for nights out and city visits seem to annoy my friends, luckily you’ve found this page for a reason, so at least I know some people appreciate my organised mind!


B&M’s 12 Days of Christmas Gin Advent Calendar £29.99

The cheapest calendar on the list, with just 12 gins within, this is the perfect option if you don’t want to fork out loads over the festive period.

If you want a cheap gin advent calendar, pop down to you local B&M first before splashing out on the ones available online.

So far they haven’t released which gins you should expect to get in the 12 days before Christmas, with the exception of the Bombay Sapphire bottle in the images they have published. I suspect that it will contain the usual gins you can find on the supermarket shelves, Gordon’s, Beefeater etc… So if you want a calendar that will allow you to try different and more craft gins, I’d try one of the ones below.


Drinks by the Dram That Boutique-y Gin Company’s Advent Calendar *£76.78

5 Star Rating – Good to try a vast selection of gin and gin liqueurs

Drink by the Dram is where I got my first Gin Advent Calendar from, the wax bottle tops just scream Christmas to me ever since!

It contains a very good selection and I have ended up buying 4 proper bottles of the gins we tried. It was my first time trying a rhubarb gin! The one in my calendar was Warner Edwards Victoria’s Rhubarb Gin, this calendar doesn’t seem to have Warner Edwards, it has been replaced with Rhubarb triangle gin, I haven’t tried Triangle gin so can’t comment whether it was the right decision to replace Warner Edwards as I love their gin.

This advent calendar will provide you with an extensive gin menu, ranging from a selection of bathtub gins, double-barreled gins to gin liquors (Chocolate orange, Cherry, Strawberry and Balsamico and many more)

They have changed their range since I last tried it, they now include a Cucamelon Gin which I am itching to try so I am tempted to get this one this Christmas.

The only thing that I’m not keen on is the design of the advent calendar box itself, as my advent calendars live on my kitchen worktop (open plan living and kitchen area) and this design doesn’t match my classic red and gold Christmas décor. But it has one called Spit-Roasted Pineapple Gin!! I need to try that!

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Drinks by the Dram The Ginvent Calendar *£94.53

Four star rating – good for those who like well know brands of gin with the odd selection of flavoured liqueurs.

The  same company again, they seem to dominate on amazon for gin calendars. This one has a cool art deco design, and if your Christmas decorations are blue and silver this design would fit in perfectly.

Start the month off with a gin every night consisting of Whitley Neill Rhubarb and Ginger Gin, Campfire Gin, Tarquin’s British Blackberry gin, McQueen Signature gin etc…

I need to know why Rhubarb and Ginger gin tastes so nice.

Again, their iconic wax bottle tops come into play which I just adore.

I think no matter which Drinks by the Dram calendar you choose, you shouldn’t be disappointed as they know their gins!

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Origin Single Botanical Gin Advent Calendar *£99.95

2 star rating – good for those that want to try gins from around the globe Italy, Croatia & Serbia and dislike flavoured liqueurs.

This advent calendar has gins from Italy, Serbia and Croatia. It has a basic very none Christmassy design, but I quite like the simplicity of the advent calendar.

The premise is that you can ‘explore the effect of the terroir on the juniper berry’ throughout the regions each gin was created in, which erm… sounds a little too intellectual for my drinking habit.

Absolutely no flavoured gins in this calendar so perfect for those that like their gin to be traditional.

I’ve not tried this one myself, the reviewers have mentioned that some of the gins are very similar in taste. If you want an advent calendar just as an excuse to drink a traditional gin each night, and like the thought of trying some European gins then this could be the one for you.

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Now we just need to wait until November for the supermarkets to publish what gin advent calendars they will be selling this year.

Hope you have a Very Merry Gin-filled December 2018!


*prices correct at time of post creation