So that special someone has a birthday coming up and you’re wondering what you could buy them to show them how much you care.

Well, if they’re a gin lover, the answer is simple, check out the list below and if there is a gin out there (available to buy in the UK) that contains a number, it will be listed:

This is Part 1 and will show all the gins numbered from 18 to 40, perfect for a gin-lovers birthday present!


E18teen Gin

Made in Somerset, E18teen Gin (42% Vol) is bursting full of apples and has hints of sugared almonds.

The perfect present for someone turning 18.

Currently out of stock in most places online, but on Amazon you can find their gift option. It comes in a Gift bag with a fevertree tonic included.




Bootlegger 21 New York Gin

Made in New York, Bootlegger 21 (47% Vol) only uses 5 botanicals and its base spirit is made entirely of corn. It’s simple, warming and gives you just a little hint of citrus.

Any Gin Lover celebrating a 21st Birthday will be happy receiving this bottle as a gift.


**UPDATE: Cheaper at Masters of Malt:



Tourjours 21 Gin

Made in Surrey, to celebrate the Eurostar’s 21st Birthday. Toujours 21 (42% Vol) is an aromatic drink that has layers of flavour from subtle notes of lavender, sweet honey and citrus traces.

The bottle is beautiful and would stand out for attention on the busiest of bars.






Oak Aged Gin 22

Made in France and currently out of stock online, but my local M&S still has a lot of this on the shelves, I’ve included the link to buy online in case it becomes available again, otherwise I suggest checking out your local store.

Oak Aged Gin (44% Vol) was named after the twenty two botanicals that are used to make it. It is a smooth gin which has clementine notes which makes it a delicious drink.





Botanist 22 Gin

Made in Bruichladdich, Scotland using nine traditional botanicals are brought together using 22 herbs and flowers and coming in at 46% Vol.

Whoever is the person celebrating their 22nd birthday is one lucky guy/gal as this gin regularly can be seen on the top ten gins lists, it’s a favourite for most. Its smooth, full of flavour and makes a perfect G&T




Beefeater 24 Gin

Made in the heart of London using 12 handpicked botanicals including Japanese Sencha and Chinese Green Tea leaves provides you with a tangy, yet floral smooth gin which comes in at 45% Vol.

The ornate bottle design is perfect for a 24th Birthday present as the bold 24 stands out on the deep red bottle screams luxury, however this gin comes in at a very reasonable price. Usually you can find this on the supermarket shelves for under £21 (don’t be put off by the low price, it is a very good gin). If you want to order online, this amazon link is below:




K-25 Gin

Made in Spain and using all the local botanicals including sweet and bitter orange, licorice, cinnamon, mint and orris root. 45% Vol.

It is slightly blue in colour and is a very versatile drink, with citrus notes and a hint of mint it makes an amazing G&T.

It will make an excellent 25th Birthday gift for the gin-lover in your life.




26 Moons Gin

Limited to just 480 bottles and a price tag to match. Made with Icelandic spring water and claiming to be the most-awarded gin in the world. 26 Moons Gin (42% Vol) is a highly collectable gin, so make sure the person you’re buying it for their 26th Birthday truly appreciates their tipple.
Barrel aged and full of berries and floral notes. It is the ultimate gift to make someone feel over the moon!





Gin 27

Made in Switzerland and bursting full of flavour, it is aromatic, spicy, savoury and refreshing. A clean gin which is versatile enough to work with cocktails, yet powerful enough to stand out as a brilliant gin for G&T’s.

Gin 27 comes in at 43% Vol and the beautiful stylish bottle design makes it the ultimate present for a 27th Birthday.





Fillers Fry Gin 28

Made in Genever and named after the 28 botanicals used to make this award-winning gin. It’s 46% Vol and tastes of mixed peels from the off with the juniper developing. Hints of coriander, cardamom perfectly complement this to create a warming dry gin.

This is a wonderful gin which would make undeniable great 28th birthday present. It is a subtle yet elegant gin, simply pair with fevertree tonic and enjoy.




AT30 Gin

A limited-edition gin (only 600 bottles) created to celebrate 30 years of St Luke’s Cheshire Hospice to raise funds for the charity.

It has a delicious hint of raspberries and blueberries giving it a full and fruity flavour. The bottle design is pure celebration and it is perfect for a special occasion, for instance a 30th Birthday.

Or if someone in your life is lucky enough to be celebrating a 30th wedding anniversary, this is the gin to buy and celebrate with.




Distil 31 Goose Neck Dry Gin

Made in Yorkshire, this family distillery has operated for years making wonderful gin in traditional copper stills.

A simple juniper heavy London dry gin (40% Vol) that would be an amazing present for someone celebrating their 31st birthday.

Serve with fevertree tonic and a slice of pink grapefruit to get the most out of it.




Minus 33 Gin

Only 46 calories per serving, this isn’t actually a gin, it is a juniper distilled spirit. It is 33% Vol, making it not quite gin. Although Ophir Gin only has 50 calories, and Hendricks 54 calories per serving, so it’s not that much of a difference.

It’s a simple spirit served neat, with tonic and a garnish its outstanding.

So, if you’re unsure what to get the lucky person turning 33, this is the bottle to buy them.




Spring 34 Gin

Again, this numbered gin, is named after the number of botanicals used to create it. Spring 34 is a Canadian Gin, distilled in Niagara Falls.

It’s a delicate, floral gin, with lavender, chamomile and hints of rose and a spicy finish.

Note, that you need to be organised and order this in plenty of time to be delivered to the UK.




London 40 Gin

This would make an amazing present for a 40th Birthday celebration and it is reasonably priced too.

Using only 12 botanicals, and four times distilled making this gin clean, crisp, and perfect for G&T’s.

It has won over 18 awards and is a truly nice gin to sip and celebrate.