So that special someone has a birthday coming up and you’re wondering what you could buy them to show them how much you care.

Well, if they’re a gin lover, the answer is simple, check out the list below and if there is a gin out there (available to buy in the UK) that contains a number, it will be listed:

This is Part 2 and will show all the gins numbered from 41 to 60, perfect for a gin-lovers birthday present!

Rambla 41 Gin

This Mediterranean gin is a stunning drink from a small artisan distillery. It’s full of flavour and its creamy, fruity taste is a favourite among gin lovers.

For a delicious treat for a 41st birthday, you can’t go wrong with Ramblas 41.

Unfortunately, it is only available through Naked Wines, and to buy it you need to be a subscriber.


Fred Jerbis Gin 43

Named after the fact its contains 43 botanicals and comes out at 43% Vol, Fred Jerbis 43 Gin is an Italian treat.

Delicate, citrussy and sweet, this beautiful gin brings you subtle saffron and orange blossom to the mix to make this yellow tinged gin a fan favourite.

Perfect for a 43rd birthday present.


Z44 Gin

Z44 distilled by Roner is 44% Vol and is one of the most beautiful bottles on the list.

Full of mountain botanicals, from pine cones, to viola and achillea to add a floral relaxing taste range.

This would make a stunning 44th Birthday present, or 44th anniversary gift.



Marconi 46 Gin

Poli Marconi 46 is an exceptional gin, the Italian botanicals provide a complex yet simple gin containing nutmeg, pine, cardamom and mint.

Making a superb G&T and cocktail, this is a fantastic gift for a 46th birthday present.



Pink 47 Gin

The iconic diamond bottle makes this gin a wonderful gift.

Full of flavour and a leading gin in Europe, simple serve with ice, tonic and half a passionfruit to make the most of this yummy tipple.

If you want to gift the birthday guy/girl something posher, look out for their ‘Royal Pink 47 Gin’.



Monkey 47 Gin

This classic well-known gin is usually seen in the top ten best gin lists, as it is an outstanding gin that everyone must try, especially when they’re celebrating their 47th birthday.

Citrus and sweet with the smoothest of finishes, you’ll find most gin lovers haven’t just tried this gin, but they’ve bought multiple bottles.
A must buy, I can’t recommend it enough.



Williams Elegant 48 Gin

This apple juice-based gin is a show stopper. With 11 carefully chosen botanicals ranging from liquorice, elderflower and coriander, it is a simply, yet powerful drink.

Coming in at (you guessed it) 48% Vol it’s a powerful, full bodied and well ‘elegant’ gin.
This luxury gin will be the perfect present for a 48th birthday bash. Serve with an apple wedge to truly appreciate the apple notes.



Foxdenton 48 London Dry Gin

This classic London dry gin would be suitable for anyone turning 48 in your life.

Brought to you from Foxdenton’s family run distillery in Buckingham, they recommend serving their 48 London Dry with a quality tonic, a wedge of lemon and plenty of ice.

You can buy it direct from Foxdenton and orders over £70 get free shipping! They do a few different gins from rhubarb to Christmas gins.



O49 Gin

This German gin is a crisp and clean gin which you will find is refreshing yet powerful (49% Vol).

Slightly spicy, with a tart citrus note, cinnamon and hop blossoms, serve with a fresh leaf of sage to get the most out of this gin.

Some compare this gin to Monkey 47 which is quite a brag considering the popularity of Monkey 47.



Fifty Pounds Gin

Perfect for a 50th birthday present, this beautifully presented gin will be the perfect gift.

Produced at the Thames Distillers in London, perfectly balanced and silky smooth. This can be drank straight, of with a quality tonic.

Or don’t gift it to someone and keep it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.



Corner 53 Gin

Corner 53 offers 3 unique gins just right for a 53rd birthday present.

Unami is their crazy offering of shiitake mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and honeyed butternut squash. A gin like no other and would be great for the Asian foodie.

Cherokee gin is inspired by Tennessee whiskeys and Corner 53’s is infused with Canadian maple syrup, making a golden smooth gin. Perfect for a whiskey lover.

Pomelo is Corner 53’s more traditional gin. Citrussy and full of flavour, if you like a more classical G&T this is the drink for you.



Geranium London Dry 55

This special edition bottled to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Geranium brand comes in at a mind blowing 55% Vol.

Well balanced and bold, perfect for martini’s.

What better way to celebrate your 55th birthday by getting to drink this!



Fifty Eight Gin

The 58 distillery offers a few different gins, from sloe, navy strength and a chocolate negroni. We have selected their original offering, which is a classic juniper heavy gin to gift to someone on their 58th birthday.

Keep an eye out for this in Aldi, as they often stock it and you might be able to grab it for a cheaper price.

If you just want to order online, amazon is the place to go:



Georges Old 59 Gin

Double points if you buy this for someone’s 58th Birthday and their name is also George!

Coming in at 44% Vol, this full bodied traditional gin will be a crowd pleaser. Handcrafted and infused with classic botanicals, this will make a delicious G&T.




Anno 60 Gin

This bold traditional gin is distilled in Kent and is 60% Vol. Due to taxing laws, that means to buy a bottle, it’s going to be costlier than the average bottle of gin.

It was created to celebrate the distilleries founders 60th birthdays. Apparently, despite the strength of this gin, it’s a very smooth drink.

Pair with a good quality tonic and a wedge of lime and enjoy.