So that special someone has a birthday coming up and you’re wondering what you could buy them to show them how much you care.

Well, if they’re a gin lover, the answer is simple, check out the list below and if there is a gin out there (available to buy in the UK) that contains a number, it will be listed:

This is Part 3 and will show all the gins numbered from 61 to 99, perfect for a gin-lovers birthday present!

Sir Robin of Locksley No 61 Gin

This one isn’t as obviously a numbered gin as the rest on this list.

On the bottle it states on the left-hand side under the logo ‘No Sixty-One’ – I have highlighted this on the image.

Bursting with elderflower, cassia, dandelion and pink grapefruit, it is a unique, mellow gin.



69 Brosses Gin

A London dry, 40% Vol gin. Full of wild berries and full of aroma.

Distilled in Valencia, this pairs perfectly with Fevertree’s Mediterranean tonic.

This would make a wonderful birthday present for someone turning 69.




Mile High 69 Gin

Prepared in small batches in their distillery in the south of Germany, Mile High 69 is an amazing gin.

Using 19 botanicals, and pure lake water, this quality gin would make the perfect 69th Birthday present.

A distinctive bottle that would stand out on any gin lovers shelf, makes it a must buy.
Sometimes, it is unavailable on amazon, if so you can purchase it through Urban Drinks (they do deliver to the UK).



Zing 72 Botanical Gin

What more could a gin-lover want for their 72nd birthday, this stunning bottle would make anyone who loves gin happy.

I also love the name, and sometimes refer to this gin as ‘Chandler’ and in ‘Chandler Zing’ (I know his name is Chandler Bing, but it doesn’t matter).

Distilled in France, subtle notes of blueberries, lemon and camomile. Check out the reviews (and the price) if you’re unsure, everyone loves it.

If you want it in a fancy gift box with a cool copper mug, click here >



Wildcraft Gin Equinox 79

This South African gin is to be desired, a stunning bottle and within a delicious drink that is suitable for sipping, cocktails and, of course, makes a fabulous G&T.

It’s smooth, sweet, buttery with a hint of spice.

With only 261 bottles made, you need to snap this up quickly, luckily the cheapest place to buy it from is Amazon.



VL 92 Gin

If someone you know is celebrating their 92nd Birthday, this is the gin for them. Simplistic and traditional.

The gin is named after a historic Dutch sailing vessel whose freight contained exotic spices too daring for the local Genever recipes – but wildly perfect for a VL 92.

Full of botanicals, ranging from juniper, citrus and coriander leaf, it would make the nicest G&T.



Gold 999.9 Gin

Okay, it’s not 99, but it includes all the nines and if someone is celebrating their 99th Birthday they deserve Gold 999.9 gin.

Complex, yet delicate, full of taste from violets, poppies, ginger, almond, vanilla and coriander, this is well balanced and a real treat to drink.