If you love a glass or two of G&T as much as I do you’ll know that getting the flavour right is crucial. Some gin and tonics go together quite nicely whereas other combinations are far from perfect.

If you want to make sure your glass of G&T has a lot of flavour you might want to consider trying one of the many tonic syrups available. These syrups are surprisingly nice and really do add a pleasant taste to your choice of drink. The only trouble is that it can be hard choosing which flavour to have now and which to try later.

Don’t worry, after a bit of research we have found some syrups for gin that cannot be missed.


Monin Cocktail Syrup Gift Set


If you’re looking to give a gift to a gin lover, this is the gift set to opt for. However. If you’re also looking to try a few syrups yourself this is also a great set to opt for. Complete with 5x 5cl bottles, there’s enough syrup so you can have a good try of each of the flavours.

The flavours that come in this gift set as standard are:

  • Fruit de la passion
  • Mojito mint
  • Fraise
  • Coco
  • Curacoa Bleu


The gift set comes with a recipe card which can help you to make your drinks even tastier and  the assurance that you’re getting good quality syrups. This could be the ideal gift set if you simply want to try out syrups but you don’t want to spend too much money on one bottle.


Rose Flower Syrup from Provence


This delicate but delightful syrup comes in a 250 ml bottle and is ideal for those who want to add a gentle flavour to their gin.

Made from rose flower, the syrup is delightful and tastes a little like Turkish delight. Sweet and ideal if you want to add just a splash of flavour, this is the syrup to try if you want to enjoy something luxurious.

Monin Premium Bubble Gum Syrup



If you’re a lover of gin and a lover of bubble gum this could be the syrup you need. The flavour of this syrup is not as sweet as you imagine but the distinctive bubble gum flavour is still there.

Sold in a 700 ml bottle, it works well with gin and will let you add something tasty to your glass. While a lot of bubble gum flavouring tastes a little medicinal, this syrup does not. This means you can enjoy something that’s reminiscent of your childhood without worrying about the quality of the flavour.


If you would like to add a touch of something special to your gin a splash or two of syrup will help. There are many different syrups out there but we think the above 3 are some of the best around. Why not give them a try and add a bit of flavour to your gin and tonic?