Fancy adding some nostalgic fun into your gin drinking? Try the following Bubble Gum Gins to truly make a POP in your next gin cocktail! Or to simply enjoy with a delicate tonic.

Bubblegum Gin has been hitting the shelves and most Gin Specialists shops should now have some options available to buy.

We’ve all seen that most bars now offer an arrangement of flavoured gin liqueurs that wouldn’t have been available years ago. From Sweet Violet Gin, Rose/Turkish Delight, Strawberry and the ultimate favourite pairing of Rhubarb and Ginger, yet this is the first time a sweet based gin liqueur has hit the shelves.

Oh, and a lot of people hated the thought of bubble gum gin! People took to twitter to bemoan that it wasn’t a gin, yet all admitted that they hadn’t tasted it yet! I like variety and it wasn’t like the makers of the gin were running people down off the street and forcing them to drink it.

I remember being sceptical when I first tried Turkish Delight Gin many years ago at my first gin festival. I absolutely love Turkish delight, and through my teens my Saturday night treat would always be a Fry’s Turkish Delight. But, I was unsure whether I wanted a gin that tasted of roses, luckily, I was wrong to be sceptical, it was heavenly and is still one of my favourites.

So let’s be open, and give some Bubble Gum Gins a try!


Sweet Little Bubba Hubba Bubblegum Gin Liqueur *£22.99

Brought to you by When this gin hit the market it caused a lot of controvesty. As stated above most people hated it, yet virtually all of them hadn’t tried it!! The main complaints was that it wasn’t ‘gin’, yet no one kicks up a fuss about Rhubarb & Ginger gins.

But then others thought that it was clearly advertising to children with baseing a gin on a childhood sweet. I’m not sure I’ve seen Hubba Bubba in the shops in the last ten years, either they’re not as popular as they were in the 90’s or I’m just not their target audience anymore and just don’t frequent the shelves it sits on. Either way, I saw it as a clear shot of all the 90’s kids that are now frequenting gin bars being targeted and not kids. Anyway, kids don’t have that much to spend on alcohol!

Infusing the classic 90’s taste of Bubba Hubba (or as I always called it Hubba Bubba – up until today I truly thought it was called that) brings the sweetness of childhood to our favourite adult past time.

Tasting just like those big pink chewy gums that were a treat as a kid, if prepared correctly, can be a bubble gum taste explosion!

This is lovely paired with a little light tonic garnished with strawberries.

Or for a proper girlie treat, put a splash in you processco to be both elegant and fun at the same time.

If you want to be the hostest with the mostest, I’ve included an amazing Frozen Bubblegum Gin Daiquiri cocktail recipe at the bottom of this post.

Sweet Little also offers some more nostalgic gins:

Sweet Little Icepop Blue Raspberry Gin
Sweet Little Pink Candy Floss Gin

In my younger days, I worked in a icepop factory, so now I cannot face eating an icepop as it brings back some haunted memories of being on the icepop packing machine and it malfunctioning.

I was blasted with 8 litres worth of blue sticky icepop syrup and having to stay sticky (and looking like a smurf) all day until my 8 hour shift was over. Then I had the fun of having to walk home through the town to smirks and comments – ahh to be 16 again, good times!

In the words of Tobias from Arrested Development ‘I just blue myself!’.

3 Pugs Bubblegum Gin Liqueur *£31.18

I bought this one the other month from a food and drink festival. After a sip of the free taste testers they offer out, I had to buy it. I adore the bottle design which is both simple yet unique.

I actually had a glass of it last night to remind me of the taste before writing this.

It’s sweet in taste and… well doesn’t taste like bubblegum, if I had done a blind taste test, I don’t think I would have ever said it was bubblegum flavour. I would have said it tastes like sweets, but I wouldn’t be able to identify which sweets.

But it is an enjoyable drink, especially if like me, you have a sweet tooth. The taste can be misleading as it doesn’t taste like alcohol so you can find yourself drinking more than planned.

It’s not a gin that you’d drink everynight (not that I am promoting drinking everynight) but it’s a special treat if you fancy something different from the usual juniper berries and tonic drinks.

The 3 Pugs founders do a lot of food festivals, and always offer you the chance to taste before you buy, they’re a lovely couple and its great to be able to speak to the founders of the company themselves. So keep your eyes open the next food festival you go. If you can’t wait they sell through Amazon.


Not willing to spend so much on Bubble Gum Gin?

Why not save the pennies and just buy some bubble gum syrup to make some lovely bubblegum daiquiris.


Monin Premium Bubble Gum Syrup *£9.00

This pink bubble gum syrup will allow you to add a splash to your favourite gin and get a real feel (for much cheaper) of bubble gum gin.

Feeling fancy, but not too keen on putting in much effort into you drinks, just add a little to your prosecco to add that yummy sweet bubble gum flavour.

You can also use this syrup in baking, which I am a dab hand at, so I might invest in a bottle and make some Instagram worthy Bubble Gum Cupcakes.


The Ultimate Bubble Gum Gin Daiquiri Cocktail Recipe

All you need is a blender that can handle ice to wow your guests and serve up a mouth-watering frozen bubble gum gin daiquiri.

For those of you that have the bubble gum gin, simple throw the following into your blender:

  • 5oz of dark rum
  • 1 limes juice
  • 5oz of bubble gum gin
  • 1 cup of ice

Simple blend all the ingredients until smooth and serve in a cute glass with a strawberry garnish, or candy floss of you have it, cause you’re worth it!

If you are using the syrup, blend the following ingredients:

  • 5oz of dark rum
  • 1 limes juice
  • 25oz gin
  • 5oz of bubble gum syrup
  • 1 cup of ice

These go down well at bbq’s on hot summer days, and luckily if you have the syrup, the recipe can be tweaked for those non-drinkers by excluding the alcohol and adding some lemonade.

I’m hoping other companies try their hand at making some bubble gum flavoured gin, as its nice for a change, it can make some amazing cocktails and is nice on its own with some ice and a simple tonic.

Give it a try, I think you’ll be impressed!


*prices correct at time of post creation